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FOX BUSINESS: Why investors should stay in the market


Ryan discusses how the stock market reacts to news from Washington and why investors should stay in the market.

i24 News: Trump Policies and the Economy


Ryan talks about President Trump's budget and the economy.

i24 News: Snapchat debuts on the market!


Ryan discusses Snapchat's crazy high valuation and potential pitfalls.

CNBC: China a good place to put your money?


With all of President Trump's talk regarding China, many are wondering if it is time to get invested in the Chinese market. Ryan goes on CNBC to talk about why should get invested.

CNBC: Millennials are trading based off Trump tweets


Ryan talks about how Millennials have been trading based off of Donald Trump's recent tweets and how this can be good for investors.

FOX BUSINESS: Why the market should reach 23K


The Bullseye Brief author Adam Johnson and Payne Capital Management President Ryan Payne on why investors should watch for the Dow Jones Industrial to hit 23K.

CHEDDAR TV: Millennials Aren't Investing Enough


Michelle says millennials aren't investing enough and talks about why they should.