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Why Payne Capital Management?

Payne Capital Management (PCM) is an independent

NYC financial advisor

and planner located in New York City and Philadelphia, servicing clients across the globe. Our reputable team of financial advisors focuses on providing clients with comprehensive and holistic financial planning that is tailored to their specific needs and lifestyles. We do so much more than just manage your money: we build strong advisor-client relationships and work together to achieve your financial goals.

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Retirement Planning & Investments

As a fee-based independent financial advisory group and fiduciary, PCM is bound by law to serve the best interests of our clients. As an independent firm, we never receive referral fees or brokerage commissions.

Financial Advisor

Our team of wealth advisors are ready to help you get started creating your personalized financial plan, no matter what your current situation may be. Let PCM go to work for you today!

Entrepreneurs & Business Leader

Our financial plans and recommendations are unbiased and exempt from the corporate mandates common to many industry competitors, so we have the freedom to select top investment products.

For Women By Women

We are dedicated to creating a community to educate and support women with their personal finances.

Your Personalized Path to Financial Freedom

How much money does one need to feel secure? At PCM, we think that’s up to our clients. Your customized Financial Master Plan is developed with meticulous care and expertise to address your concerns while meeting your wants, needs, and goals. Our client-centered approach at PCM is motivated by our belief that the path to financial independence is very personal.

The PCM Master Plan
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Radio and Weekly Video

Payne Points of Wealth Podcast

Bob, Ryan & Chris Payne address the pain points that come with creating your wealth, growing your wealth, and sustaining your wealth.

Payne Points of Wealth Podcast

Bob’s Market Update

Each week Bob Payne breaks down the latest in market news and how it affects your investment strategy.

Bob’s Market Update

Money Minutes

Courtney Dominguez and Ryan Payne deliver common sense financial strategies in short weekly videos.

Money Minutes

Payne In The Press

Members of the PCM team appear frequently on popular media programs to weigh in on financial news of the day.

Payne In The Press

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NYC Financial Planner and Wealth Management.

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NYC Financial Advisor and Wealth Management.