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April 25, 2018
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May 23, 2018

Creating Your Future | Bailey Braun

“How do you learn? You import the ideas and then you export the technology.” – Bailey Braun

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You can’t predict the future, but you can certainly create it.

The societies that are doing such are the same ones that don’t have a past. Here in the United States, we are bogged down by our rich history, stuck in archaic systems that don’t harness the technology of today. Meanwhile, communities like Dubai are able to launch into utopian visions because of their lack of history.

On today’s episode of the $mart Women Invest podcast, we are joined by Bailey Braun. Bailey is a recent political science college graduate who now works abroad, first for the government of Spain and now currently with the government of Dubai at the Dubai Future Foundation. She was on the founding team of the Dubai Future Accelerators, the largest supported government accelerator program, and is now working on a talk series called “Dubai Future Talks.” In this discussion, she shares her insights on Dubai culture, and why we should recognize international economies as promising investment opportunities.

“There are 150 different nationalities that live in Dubai. And we all live together in basically perfect harmony. There is no race problem or real big gender war. Women are treated equally, if not better, than men.” – Bailey Braun

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Poland was the best performing country for investment last year (2. South Korea, 3. China)
  • Look at your 401(k) for opportunities to invest in emerging markets
  • Because Dubai doesn’t really have a past, most of what it does is for the future
  • Dubai is a 6-hour plane ride from two-thirds of the world’s population
  • Dubai is in a post-oil economy; only 15% of its revenue comes from oil and gas
  • It’s easier to get international jobs, outside the very competitive Los Angeles and New York hustle
  • 65% of the Dubai workforce is women, most of whom are in leadership positions
  • The U.S. is stuck in an archaic system;  government leadership supports the initiatives
  • The Dubai Future Foundation wants to put 100% of their governmental services on the blockchain by 2020
  • To learn how a technology works, you must import the idea and export the technology
  • The world is getting much smaller now with ease of travel and countries opening up with visas

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