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May 23, 2018
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June 13, 2018

Money, Sex, & Taboos.. Oh My! | Christine Long

“If you are a career-oriented woman, that doesn’t mean you have nothing better to do. People say: “Well maybe if you had a boyfriend, you’d work less.” No. The two aren’t related. You can have it all if that’s what you choose to have.” – Christine Long

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This week we take a look back at one of our favorite episodes from this season, because what’s more fun than talking about things that are taboo?

Nothing is more taboo than sex, right? Wrong.

If you’re like me, sitting at these brunches with your girlfriends taking note of what subjects get get covered and which get brushed over, you might be realizing the same thing I am: that money is more taboo than sex.

What is guaranteed to not get mentioned over mimosas and bloody marys is how hard one of you at the table is fighting for a promotion at work. Or how a career pivot is turning out to also be a vertical leap. What is instead more likely to get the group’s attention: the juicy details of a date or the most recent update to the Michelle-Brian drama.

Now I don’t expect us women to be pulling out our investment portfolios and mapping our 10-year plan at the table, but what I do wish for is a time when women can feel as comfortable discussing their holds on their careers as they do their dating life.

Today, on the show, we are joined by Christine Long, someone at the intersection of this conversation. Christine is the founder and CEO of What’s In Your Box, a monthly subscription box for women’s sexual health and satisfaction. In our conversation, Christine covers all topics related to entrepreneurship, being a female CEO in New York, how to delegate tasks to your team without coming off as bossy, and much more.

Tune in to hear Christine’s story and join the conversation around empowering us women to own our careers. And don’t forget you can listen to $mart Women on iTunes and Stitcher!

“There is still a stigma around a woman who has ownership of her career. People view you as bossy or less womanly.” – Christine Long

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • We as females downplay our success because we don’t want to come off as showy
  • Similar to being sex-shamed, women are success-shamed
  • Be confident in your position of power regardless of what others think
  • Surround yourself with people you can trust
  • Think about delegating as, “who is the best at doing what task?” Not “am I being bossy?”
  • Celebrating the little successes is necessary to achieve the big vision
  • In addition to meeting customers or advocates, treat networking as a way to make entrepreneurship less isolating
  • University of Chicago found that a wife who makes more than $5,000 a year than her husband is more likely to get divorced
  • Millenial women worry about earning more than their boyfriends/husbands
  • Study showed female hedge fund managers outperformed their male counterparts over the past 8 years
  • We’re not only worried about talking about money, but earning money as well
  • It is often easier to broach taboo topics with strangers than friends
  • Women are sometimes better than men at accepting the truth of an investment and not holding onto a desired outcome