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Fake news is everywhere these days and investing is no exception. We’ll take a look at three popular headlines right now and explain why you can’t believe them. Ryan and Bob will also talk about the dreaded retirement ‘a’ word – annuities – and tell you why they don’t recommend them. 

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You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, but you knew that already, right? Then why would you believe all the headlines you read about finance? 

Fake news doesn’t give investing a pass and there are plenty of articles out there that will make you fear the worst. Bad news sells, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay attention to it. On this episode of No Payne, No Gain, Ryan and Bob will address three financial headlines that they consider fake news and tell you why the information is incorrect.  

Then we’ll turn our attention to annuities. These investment products get pushed a lot and seem like a pretty good idea. Who doesn’t want a guaranteed income stream in retirement? This isn’t something we recommend and we’ll explain why we never sell them to a client. You don’t have to agree with us, but listen to our reasoning before you make a decision. 

We’ll close things out with two questions from listeners about take a pension lump sum vs a monthly payout and moving investments into cash. 

We’ve laid out the show in the rundown below to make it easier for you to skip to the topics you care about most or to go back and listen to something again. 

0:32 – Previewing the topics on this show.

1:20 – Everything seems to get labeled fake news today and the financial industry is included in this.  

1:50 – Fake News or not: Social Security is going broke. 

4:40 – Fake News or not: The crash of the dollar is imminent. Buy gold now.

6:36 – Fake News or not: The recession is coming!

10:06 – Let’s talk about that dreaded ‘A’ word:  annuities.

10:36 – Why we’ll never buy you an annuity. 

11:45 – There are better ways to generate income.   

12:29 – The different types of annuities.

14:08 – Why an annuity is like Chinese food.

15:03 – Inflation is another reason why an annuity isn’t a great option. 

19:34 – Mailbag Time

20:39 – Mailbag question: My company is offering the option of a pension lump sum buyout or we can keep the monthly pension. What should I do? 

22:51 – Mailbag question: I have a lot of major life changes occurring over the next few months that will affect my investing. Should I pull out everything into cash until things settle down?

“Some of the more salacious financial headlines we’ve heard are not exactly accurate.”


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