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Projecting a Market Future Based on Personal Experience, Ep#10

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The real loss in the market is when you succumb to your emotions. There are many markets and they are all affected by different situations. None of them ever drops to zero, even though that seems to be the driving fear behind so many decisions to get out instead of staying in for the long haul. Listen to this episode of Payne Points of Wealth to hear more on how to combat this fear and many more valuable tips.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Why the market doesn’t care what everyone else is worried about [1:22]
  • Secret indicators nobody knows about [3:08]
  • Things that aren’t being talked about [5:46]
  • Being smarter than your DNA [8:14]
  • The tipping point [10:10]
  • A picture that saves you 3000 words [13:30]
  • Fear of no control [17:55]
  • Hidden facts of Finance [19:50]
  • The death bell ringing at the movies [21:36]
  • The superpower that isn’t growing [22:12]
  • The second biggest total on record for the worst thing you can own [24:39]


Opportunity is calling… are you listening?

We are all human beings and we project a future based on our own most recent experiences, on the other hand, the stock market never looks back. It’s always moving forward. Always pricing in what’s coming months and years down the road. The market tells you every day where the opportunity is. The question is… are you listening? Check out this episode for a wealth of tips on how to be a better listener!

This week on the tipping point

Should you have an exit strategy if things get bad? What if there is a sell-off between now and the end of the year? We think you have to be comfortable with a couple of laws we call protecting your portfolio against downturns. A big part of that is bear markets, it’s not that uncommon and it’s going to happen over time. Markets go down, but they also go up, it doesn’t mean you have to get in or out. Overcome the fear that arises from negative news by not putting all of your money in one place— be diversified!

You don’t want to bet it all on one situation, you want to have an ALL situations portfolio. That way no matter what happens— whether the market goes up or down— you have something that can benefit or something that can protect you. Listen to the Tipping Point segment for the full story and the answers to the questions above.

This week’s hidden facts of finance

The outcome of the US election doesn’t matter to most Chinese companies whose ownership and business operations are largely domestic. Over the last six months, we’ve heard “I don’t want a Chinese company in my portfolio” or “I don’t want a company that does business with China, in my portfolio” so we made a list of stocks they can own— there were none!

If you have a portfolio of domestic companies and you own a great American company and the CEO gets up and says there are 1.4 billion potential customers for our product. But because you requested not to do business with China, we’re not going to sell anything to those 1.4 billion customers, we’re going to let our competition do it. I’ll tell you what I’m doing that day. I’m selling that stock and buying the stock of the competition. Check out the segment for other random facts!

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