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If You Want To Be Wealthy You’ve Got To Be Patient Ep #103

By November 9, 2022No Comments

What’s up! It’s episode 103 of Payne Points of Wealth and the FED just doesn’t want us to have a good time. J Powell, again, talking extremely hawkish in its comments as we’re recording this. However, we’ve got a hot job market, unemployment is still staying extremely low, close to a 50-year low. We just keep adding jobs and wages continue to go up as this economy is still on solid footing. Should we be rooting for a bad economy or rooting for a good economy? Well, we’re going to give you our view. On the Tipping Point, we’re going to talk about end-of-the-year tax and financial moves you can make to make sure you’re on solid footing.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • The little boy who cries wolf [1:10]
  • Why stock equities are the ultimate hedge against inflation [4:41]
  • Time in the market not timing the market [7:23]
  • The Tipping Point [11:30]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [30:31]

Getting paid to wait

It’s time in the markets, not timing the market. Let’s just take the Federal Reserve’s conference call the other day, in the course of a half hour the market went up 400 points from what was perceived as dovish comments then closed 500 points down. That’s virtually a thousand-point swing, a thousand points in a period of two hours! You’re gonna invest in that mess? The whole idea is that this short-term volatility tells you nothing. Trying to game it or time it is so futile, it’s ridiculous. Meanwhile, when you have a diversified portfolio, you’re making money every day. Your dividends accrue, your interest is accrued, you earn it, it’s yours, and you get paid to wait!

This week on the tipping point: Pro Tips for Tax Optimization

It’s the end of the year. It’s coming up on tax time so this is the time to really look at your portfolio. We thought it would be a good time to talk about some of the pro moves that we use with our clients at our boutique firm Payne Capital Management, some of the strategies we use at the end of the year that our listeners can apply to their portfolio to optimize their portfolio for their financial independence.

One of the things that we like to do towards the end of the year, especially with a volatile year as we’ve had, are tax swaps. Over time investments will have a lot of embedded unrealized capital gains so whenever we can do some tax loss harvesting it saves folks a lot of money on the back end. This may be the biggest year ever for tax loss harvesting.

A few other tax strategies that are great at the end of the year that no one looks at are Roth conversions, charitable contributions from retirement accounts, and making sure that you’re maxing out your retirement plan contribution.

This week’s hidden facts of finance

  • Alibaba holding group, a data-driven colossus in retail, logistics, lending, and more has generated 89 billion in free cash flow over the past five years. The equivalent in the US would be Amazon which has only generated 75 billion over the last five years. Yet, its shares are lower than their debut price back in 2014. Alibaba’s market value of $168 billion is just a sliver of Amazon’s trillion dollars. There might be some opportunity in China
  • Since March gold has slid 18.3%, far worse than global stocks which are only down 8%. Gold isn’t a hedge, not against inflation, stock weakness, or even war. It’s a commodity.
  • Americans average financial assets amounted to 155,000 back in 2008. At the end of 2021 just last year, assets climbed to $349,000 on average, an increase of 125%. It’s not only Americans who can look back on a long decade of rich monetary blessings, even around the world people are getting richer.
  • 56 years after its original release the Beetles Revolver, which is one of the greatest albums of all time, could be at #1 on the Billboard 200 album charts again thanks to the new stereo remix of the album.

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