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Don’t Invest In The Market You Want, Invest In The Market You Have Ep#106

By December 7, 2022No Comments

It’s episode 106 of Payne Points of Wealth and the economy is looking a-okay! We’ve got the market rebounding into the end of the year. We’ve got wages going up, unemployment still low, and inflation is coming down. Are those economists and strategists on Wall Street actually, right? Are we going to fall off a cliff? Are we going to recession? Well, we’re going to give you our viewpoint on that. We’ll also give you our 2 cents on exactly where the economy’s going. On the Tipping Point, we’ve got a special guest, Anthony O’Neal, a debt specialist. He’s going to talk about money, his life, and relationship to money.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Missed opportunity in the international markets [2:01]
  • Spending is still strong [7:18]
  • The Tipping Point [9:14]
  • Anthony’s background with money [10:19]
  • The lack of financial education [15:09]
  • Anthony’s mindset when it comes to wealth building [19:31]
  • If you’re throwing a Hail Mary pass you might be in trouble. [25:37]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [30:40]

It’s hard to be an investor

You go back to 2008 when we started Payne Capital Management, we believed it was one of the greatest bull markets in history. We were right on the doorstep of it. Everybody was pretty negative, especially in the US market. Now it’s going full circle. Now everybody’s positive in the US market and negative in the international markets. They don’t see the opportunity. But it’s smacking you right in the face.

Who doesn’t know that Taiwan could be invaded by China, who doesn’t know that the US dollar is hurting non-US assets, and who doesn’t know that there’s an energy crisis in Europe? Meanwhile, most of the world doesn’t know right now that in the UK, the British stock market, the Footsie, is outperforming the S&P, the DOW, and the Nasdaq. It’s wild to think that England has gone positive for the year because when you look at the headlines their political system is a mess and they’ve got higher inflation than we do. But if we all know it then it’s already priced into the market. It’s kind of like this, it doesn’t look good in Europe. Yeah, we know. But the market’s already accounted for that.

This week on the tipping point: Anthony O’Neal dept specialist

You’ll need to check out the episode to hear all the wisdom dropped by Anthony O’Neal but here’s a little teaser…

“I believe that if you aim at nothing you’ll hit that all the time. I believe that the caliber of your future will be determined by the caliber of goals and decisions that you make today. If you want your future to be bright, if you want your future to be wealthy, solid, fruitful, and joyful then you have to make fruitful and joyful goals and decisions today. It’s important.

When I branched out on my own about two years ago, I said, “Where am I going? What do I want to accomplish?” My very first thought is I want to be intentional, I want to be impactful, and I want to be influential. Those three things will then produce income. So that’s the main thing, are my goals intentional? Are my goals, if I accomplish them, will they be impactful to others? Will it be influential? And if the answer is yes to all three of those, then income will come. You can’t anywhere without goals or without a vision. Really more so vision than goals when you think about it. Because goals mean that once you hit that goal, that comes to a stop. So I love goals but also, personally, I want a vision that is ongoing that is never going to stop. I’m going to keep going as long as I’m living on this earth.”

This week’s hidden facts of finance

  • Apple has outperformed its peers by a wide margin this year. Apple is now worth more than Microsoft and META put together combined.
  • There have been around 33,000 tech layoffs since the beginning of November. However, the economy generated something like 261,000 jobs in October and 200,000 in November. Simple math, more jobs are being created than are being lost. This doesn’t sound very recessionary.
  • 10,000 baby boomers reach age 65 every day according to the US Census Bureau. And by 2030, all baby boomers will be at least 65. The Boomer labor force has been declining by 2.2 million on average each year since 2010 or about 5,900 people daily are leaving the workforce. We think this is a problem.
  • The US just passed 1 trillion music streams this year. The first time that milestone had been reached in a single year. That’s about 960,000 years of streaming music so far in 2022.

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