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Payne Points of Wealth Podcast

Timing the market is impossible Ep#155

By April 1, 2024No Comments

History tends to repeat itself

It’s episode 155 and we’re seeing similarities to the period before the dot-com bubble burst. We have a new technology to hype. We have significant liquidity and outperformance in bubblicious things like cryptocurrencies. And, a lot of enthusiasm and risk-taking on the part of the individual investor.

History tends to repeat itself :34

You know we're in a wild type of market because gold's up..

Ryan Payne

The risk of being over concentrated in a few stocks – Apple and Tesla are good examples 1:30

overweighting 7 stocks, that's 28% of the S&P.. a 35 year high..everybody just kind of ignores the risk.

Bob Payne

When things are going really well risk is ignored and forgotten 2:00

People forget semiconductors stocks are very cyclical.. good can go to bad really, really quickly..

Ryan Payne

The markets are unforgiving.. going nowhere for a while then these gigantic spikes 3:07

The best strategy is to sit and wait and be patient..

Ryan Payne

Hedge funds and institutional investors are helping to create the bubble by loading up on the same stocks as individual investors 6:05

Eventually.. these things can fall apart.. it can happen very quickly without anyone warning you ahead of time..

Ryan Payne

Stick to the basics and fundamentals, diversify 8:00

.. It’s a once in a generation opportunity to massively diversify your portfolio and get away from these concentrated portfolios…

Bob Payne

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The Tipping Point

Top 5 Strategies for 2024

We go over the Top 5 most important strategies that everyone needs to be thinking about in 2024.

#1: Understanding the sequence of returns

..all of a sudden you have a big bear market and you need to draw from your portfolio.. that can have a horribly negative impact on the rest of your retirement.

Ryan Payne

#2: Maximum diversification across all asset classes

It allows you to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Chris Payne

#3: Planning for inflation

#4: Having a healthcare gameplan

The numbers for assisted living facilities are just scary high..

Bob Payne

#5: Maxing out your retirement plans

also things like HSAs.. you can put that money in pre-tax and roll it over year over year..

Chris Payne

Hidden Facts of Finance

Bentleys aren’t cheap at an entry-level model costs around $216,000, with customers typically paying some $43,000 more in options. The company told Barron’s that recently one customer requested paint work to match her nail varnish. Another option took the price up to $610,000, while the third party paid to a 2.17 million.

Ten years ago in 2014, JP Morgan Chase, which gathers statistics filed by the country’s 100 biggest corporate pension funds, shows them to be 82% funded as of the end of last year. They’re up to 99.5%, essentially fully funded.