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Parallels between Home Renovation and Financial Planning Ep#156

By April 5, 2024No Comments

Rotation in the market

It’s episode 156 and economic growth is expected to be 3% for the first quarter. Also, we’ve seen tech has been selling off a little bit with areas like energy, materials and commodity-based companies started to do really well, especially with oil prices going up.

We have a robust economy with estimates for growth in the 1st quarter at 3% :22

..the Fed probably shouldn’t cut interest rates too quickly here..

Ryan Payne spending is at an all-time record high..

Bob Payne

Technology has been selling off a little bit this week. 3:05

You always have a lot of things that ying when other things yang..

Ryan Payne

High yields in energy, pipelines, real estate, international, large cap value 3:50

Music to my ears.. you're getting paid to wait..

Bob Payne

Value stocks tend to outperform growth stocks 4:45

..small and mid-cap infrastructure stocks are blowing the doors off of technology in terms of performance.. not just this year, but over the last 2 or 3 years..

Bob Payne

Sectors other than tech are at all-time highs 4:45

Ironically, right now, money's not going to where there's high cash flow... where the valuations are cheap, cash flow is high and long.. and it's just such a big misallocation of capital.

Ryan Payne

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The Tipping Point

Parallels Between Home Renovation and Financial Planning

This week we talk to our guest and colleague Jen Angell, CFA a financial advisor here at PCM who recently renovated her condo in Miami. We discuss some of the parallels between financial planning and home renovation.

With both your financial planner and contractor, you need to find someone you can trust.

I interviewed a lot of contractors and asked them a lot of the hard questions..

Jennifer Angell, CFA®

With both, you need someone with the patience to explain things to you

I as a financial advisor, I'm very keen on educating my clients and they were the same way..they were there to sit down and they really explained it to me.

Jennifer Angell, CFA®

With both, you need all of the costs associated with your project or your financial investment.

With both, you the right people for the right specialties.

You have to make sure they have the expertise they profess they have. I see that a lot with folks in our industry..

Bob Payne

Hidden Facts of Finance

Private equity firms are sitting on a record 3.2 trillion of unsold investments and 28,000 companies, according to a March 11 article in Private Equity News. The average holding period for buyouts among US and Canadian private equity funds hit 7.1 years in November of last year, the longest holding period since 2000, according to a November 22 S&P Global Report. The period is up from an average of 5.8 years from 2014 to 2023.

According to a March 21st Society General. Note the S&P 500 index would be trading 700 points lower without the artificial intelligence boom. What’s more, excluding the earnings of Nasdaq, 100 companies from the S&P 500 would have resulted in profits falling for two consecutive years.

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