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Aerospace Engineer to Investment Manager with Bob Killen Ep#158

By May 4, 2024No Comments

Interview with Bob Killen

Can an engineer make a good investment manager? When it comes to our guest Bob Killen, the answer is yes.

In his early years, Bob worked as an aerospace engineer at Pratt & Whitney and later at GE. For family reasons, he went on to change careers and founded an investment firm, The Killen Group where he had great success for over 55 years as an investment manager. Bob discusses how his background as an engineer was an asset in his investing career by applying skills such as in-depth research and math-oriented thinking, as well as understanding physical processes.

Bob and the three Paynes cover many interesting topics and we hope you join us for this episode of Payne Points of Wealth.

0:01 From engineer to investment manager
3:30 What are some of the principles of investing that never change?
6:25 Similarities between now and the dot com era but also differences
8:05 Engineering was a science. Investing is not.
9:00 AI has been around a long time
10:30 How do you know when a CEO is lying?
11:50 What lessons did you learn from the Great Financial Crisis?
17:40 Diversification protects you from major losses
19:30 Are individuals researching investments on their own?
24:50 How does experience make you a better investor?
27:20 What was your relationship with money growing up?

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