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Enjoy the Journey: The Marcus O’Sullivan Interview Ep#159

By May 11, 2024No Comments

The Marcus O’Sullivan Interview

In this episode, we talk to Marcus O’Sullivan, a 4 time Olympian, head coach of Villanova’s cross country and track & field teams, and a collegiate running legend – he was also Ryan’s college running coach at Villanova.

Marcus has an incredible background, originating from Cork Ireland where he grew up living without basic necessities but as a 7-year-old had a dream to become an Olympian someday. He joins a running team which would ultimately change the trajectory of his life.

He talks about how his work as a sailmaker takes him to America where he was mentored by a fellow Irishman, Donie Walsh, which leads him to Villanova where as a student-athlete he became one of the most decorated runners in the school’s history.

In this interview he tells us his true feelings about becoming a coach, how it was not his first choice, he really wanted to be in private equity on Wall Street. But when his coaching became a way to help people grow it became the right fit for him.

In this honest and in-depth interview, Marcus shares the ups and downs of his journey and how being open to receiving the right messages at the right time in your life can be pivotal. We hope you join us for this episode of Payne Points of Wealth.

0:00 Growing up in Cork Ireland without basic comforts like bathrooms
1:40 Aspirations to have more in life and getting into running
6:25 Deciding not to go to college and become a sail maker for an American company
7:30 Met fellow Irishman Don Walsh Villanova graduate olympian joined a running team
10:30 Don Walsh’s coaching lead him to Villanova
13:00 The right moment when you want to change your life
15:45 What were your first impressions of coming to America?
18:50 When did you start thinking about being financially independent?
25:00 How did you discern who was giving you good or bad financial advice?
27:00 How to take criticism constructively
32:00 Self-starter? Or, survivor?
33:10 As a coach, how many kids have you told they have “it”?
36:00 Enjoy the journey
39:10 Parallels between coaching and financial advising
41:30 Initially coaching was not what Marcus wanted to do – it was Wall Street
45:00 How a funeral changed his perspective on coaching
46.50 Is there one race that was the most personal

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