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A Natural Entrepreneur: Interview with Peter Velardi Ep#161

By May 25, 2024No Comments

A natural entrepreneur

Can you feel like an entrepreneur while working for someone else? Our guest, Peter Velardi, shares why he decided to leave a 25-year career in the corporate world to venture out on his own.

As a financial advisor, Peter always knew he was a natural leader. Earlier in his career, he thrived on the freedom to build teams and make things happen. However, as the firm he worked for became more corporate, the layers of bureaucracy began to stifle his creativity, and that’s why at age 49 he made the leap into entrepreneurship.

Peter describes his journey of launching his own business, his perspective on risk, knowing when to give up on an idea vs. leaning into it, the importance of staying mentally and physically fit, and the rewards of being a natural entrepreneur.

What made you make the change from employee to entrepreneur? :00
Wanted to get into venture capital 3:17
Is there an entrepreneurial gene? 5:25
Student of leadership 7:40
What advice did you receive that made a difference? 8:50
Is there a risk gene? 11:50
Is it riskier to “work for the man” or do your own thing? 18:20
What type of fears did you have making the switch? 20:10
Knowing when to give up on an idea vs. leaning into it 22:00
What were your worst and best ventures and why 24:00
The importance of staying fit: healthspan vs. lifespan 28:00
What’s your daily schedule? 32:15
The flight that wasn’t taken 37:10

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