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Are investors missing the boat on global markets? Ep#162

By June 1, 2024No Comments

Global growth is starting to pick up

It’s Episode 162 and the naysayers are talking about recession again so we’ve seen a bit of market selling. With all the great opportunities out there, we think it’s a mistake to sell in May and go away.

Global growth is picking up, China is emerging from recession, and demand for commodities like copper is surging. International markets are at record highs yet most markets are on sale right now and present a great chance to broaden your portfolio.

The recession naysayers are back :50

Don’t sell in May 1:46

Nvidia has had a huge week 3:45

Great opportunities to broaden your portfolio: utilities, energy and pipelines 4:15

Worries about inflation and election year fears 6:00

Global growth is picking up 7:50

The Tipping Point

Top concerns to reaching financial independence

We all want financial independence and to sustain our lifestyle in retirement. Today we address 3 top concerns people have about reaching their goals.

1. Inflation. Essential to factor inflation into your projections for retirement

2. Risk. Given all of the geopolitical uncertainties around the world, it’s important to have an all weather portfolio to protect against risk

3. Taxes. Have an efficient tax strategy because taxes will likely go up.

Hidden Facts of Finance

The production of electric vehicles has surged in recent years. According to the International Energy Agency, China’s EVs accounted for 60% of all worldwide sales in electric vehicles versus only .1% in 2012.  In April, the latest data available, electric vehicles now make up 59% of China’s vehicle exports.

During the Boomers’ adult lifetime so far, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has increased fortyfold from a thousand in late 1982 to just over 40,000 a week ago. The S&P 500 matched that gain, with its market capitalization rising from 1 trillion in 1982 to 40 trillion currently. And back in 1982, services only accounted for 50% of nominal GDP. It’s now over 60%.

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