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Payne Points of Wealth Podcast

Money Market Funds: The Silent Wealth Killer?? Ep#165

By June 30, 2024No Comments

How to beat inflation

Are money market funds putting your financial health at risk? In this episode of The Payne Points of Wealth, Bob, Ryan, Chris & Courtney discuss the potential danger of keeping too much of your savings in cash, even if the interest rate you are earning is high.

Concerns about inflation  :15

The housing market is pricing out younger people 1:30

As an investor, the best way to beat inflation is to outpace it 3:30

Cash is trash 4:15

6 trillion sitting in 5% money market funds 5:20

Bond gods are telling us rates are dropping 6:00

Corporations are benefitting by keeping their prices up while costs and interest rates are dropping 7:50

The Tipping Point

Courtney Garcia, CFP® looks at a couple’s financial plan

Our guest and colleague Courtney Garcia, CFP®  highlights issues she noticed in a couple’s financial plan.

Red flags she saw in their plan:

  1. Overexposed in riskier stocks as they’re nearing retirement
  2. Overlap of the same stocks contained in multiple funds, each with hidden fees

Hidden Facts of Finance

Americans filed 5.5 million applications to form a new business last year, the most ever.

Hims and Hers Health, Inc. is now up over 150% this year, one of the few stocks outside of the AI space, that has long specialized in the conditions patients may not want to disclose in the doctor’s office. They address things like impotence, herpes, balding, anxiety, pimples, and weight loss.

40% of S&P 500 companies mentioned artificial intelligence on their Q1 earnings calls.

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