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Is Inflation Draining Your Wealth? Ep#166

By July 9, 2024No Comments

Energy and commodities have been a great hedge against inflation

Is Inflation Draining Your Wealth? In this episode of The Payne Points of Wealth, Bob, Ryan & Chris discuss The Must-Know Strategies to Protect Your Future …

The Magnificent 7 stocks have accounted for 50% of the S&P 500’s return :15

Nvidia is similar to Cisco of the ’90s :48

The markets did not react to last week’s debate 1:30

Energy as an investment has been a great hedge against inflation 2:50

Earnings are going to accelerate next year 4:30

Commodities have been a great hedge  5:50

Bond yields are signaling the Fed will cut rates 7:00

Consumers are spending 9:00

The Tipping Point

We answer listeners’ questions

In this episode, we are joined by our guest and colleague Aaron Dessen, CFP® as we answer some great questions that came in from our listeners.

Areas covered include:

  • Tax Optimization
  • Buying the latest hot stock is not a retirement strategy
  • The magic of investing is generating income
  • It is essential that your income outpaces inflation
  • Put your high-growth, tax-inefficient assets, in the most tax-efficient accounts

Hidden Facts of Finance

US imports from Mexico have jumped sharply to $484 billion from $322 billion in February of 2021 while US imports from China are flat over the same period.

A record 48 million Americans age 65 and up are not in the labor force as of May. Birth rates, 3.64 million the past 12 months is barely keeping pace with deaths of 3.15 million people.

The number of U.S. air travelers hit a record Sunday with 2.99 million folks flying. That record could be broken as soon as Friday when more than 3 million travelers are expected to fly before the 4th of July holiday.

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