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From Fear of Losing Money to Fear of Missing Out, Ep#18

By December 17, 2020No Comments

Fear of losing money has been replaced by FOMO as investors are now plunging into the markets, putting more money into ETFs than we’ve seen over the last 12 months. With Coronavirus cases on the rise, hospitalizations on the rise, and mortality rates on the rise what’s going to happen next? Has the market come too far too fast? Should investors wait for a big dip? We’re going to break that down for you. We’ll also be talking about getting good financial advice versus getting bad advice. How do you know if you’re working with a true financial professional? Our hope is that after this podcast you’ll have those answers so make sure to tune in! We’ve got a great show for you!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Are the buy signal wires crossed for average investors? [1:11]
  • The Santa Clause Rally [3:19]
  • Thinking like a corporate CEO [5:46]
  • The Tipping Point [9:33]
  • Examples of naughty vs nice financial advisors [10:04]
  • What an advisor on the nice list looks like [14:07]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [19:05]
  • Why having a global portfolio now can pay off in the future [21:39]
  • Getting Tesla stock for a premium [24:17]

Is the doom & gloom media striking fear into would be investors?

We had $81 billion pour into the equity market in the month of November alone. That means that 32% of all the money to flow into the market came into play last month. We wonder if the signal to buy for the average investor is the market being at all-time highs. Why didn’t they buy in October when the market was on sale? There’s a reason why people are fearful of the market, why they don’t like to buy when the market’s going up. Because even though they see it’s a booming bull market all you see are the headlines that are dire and negative. We get pounded every day with news of COVID deaths rising, the spread of the pandemic, and political drama but there’s a lot of good news that’s happening it’s just not making the headlines. Hear more when you listen to the episode!

This week on the tipping point: Has your financial advisor been naughty or nice?

Example: My financial advisor is very good at talking about all different types of investments. She’s a very astute investor. However, I don’t see any credentials after her name so she’s definitely not a CFP. She doesn’t offer any advice on the planning side of my life, only on what to buy and what to sell. Naughty or Nice? This is definitely one that goes on the naughty list. Any advisor that gives investment advice without coming up with some kind of a financial plan is definitely a big no-no.

Example: My advisor says I’m not paying any fees and I don’t see any fees coming out of my portfolio. Is this too good to be true? Naughty or Nice? I don’t know about the advisor, but this is the naughtiest way you can possibly invest. It’s very likely you’re getting gouged in fees and just don’t realize it. More detail on this in the episode, go check it out!

Example: My advisor calls me every quarter checks in on me personally, reviews my portfolio, and proactively discusses financial issues outside the realm of just my investments. For example, she helped me refinance my mortgage this year and I’m now saving $1500 a month. Naughty or Nice? Well, not only is this advisor on the nice list but she probably works for Payne Capital Management!

This week’s hidden facts of finance

The worst days for the market are usually followed by the best days. Since the 1930s, if an investor sat out the best 10 return days for each decade, their returns would be just 19% compared to 16000% had they just stayed invested. If you need an example of how important it is to stay invested last month small company stocks went up 20% in 30 days. That’s two years’ worth of return in basically 10 days. If you need a good example of why you need to be invested, look at what happened last month. November was a great case in point of why market timing is just treacherous. For more on this hidden fact and others check out the episode.

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