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A year into a pandemic and how it’s impacting your future? Ep#22

By January 27, 2021No Comments

Welcome to episode 22 of Payne Points of Wealth. As always, there’s a lot going on and we’ve got a lot to say. Here we are nearly a year into a pandemic. There’s a vaccine but distribution is not off to a smooth start. We’re looking at another stimulus bill for $1.9 trillion after passing one for $900 billion a month ago! Companies and consumers are sitting on more cash than ever. How do you play this trend? Should you diversify your money? Are we in a stock market bubble? Should you go to cash? We’re going to address all those issues on today’s Payne Points of Wealth. Don’t miss out!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Are we about to have a repeat of the roaring 20’s [2:28]
  • New levels of productivity and efficiency that we think are here to stay [4:29]
  • Baggin on bitcoin [6:58]
  • The Tipping Point [9:38]
  • You can’t double dribble when it comes to Social Security [13:11]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [18:03]

A productivity wave that’s probably here to stay

People like Chris and others in our company are finding that by not commuting and simply working home everybody’s saving large amounts of time. That translates to more hours that they are able to put into their work. Better for them, better for the company. Chris says “I’m able to reach out to more people. I’m only seeing clients virtually and because of that, I’m able to connect with way more clients and more frequently. I’m saving a lot of time and even have more free time for myself.”

Look at Zoom, they went from 10 million users to 300 million users in less than a year. It was like the entire population of the US joined up! Think of all those meetings you used to have to attend in person that you may never have to do in person again. These productivity gains are probably here to stay coupled with the fact that companies have been cutting costs, now you’ve got liquidity along with efficiency. It’s a huge wave that’s going to drive this economy for the next couple of years.

This week on the tipping point: Life’s shot clock is always ticking on retirement

You have a limited amount of time on this earth. Nobody escapes alive. It’s not just about financial planning, it’s about depending on and having a solid financial strategy. You have to have a strategy to be able to take advantage of the financial markets. Maybe another year’s gone by and you were reluctant to finally sit down and put together a game plan. You put off figuring out what you spend on an annual basis, how much you should save, and didn’t start looking at how your money is or should be invested?

We all kind of gave ourselves a pass last year because it was a train wreck of a year full of uncertainty, but meanwhile, the economy is recovering. The market had a fantastic year and now you’re another year behind. The window gets smaller and smaller every time you delay. Not only are you missing all this opportunity, but you’re getting further behind by not putting a game plan in place. Every single day, the clock is ticking on that. It’s not too late to start now, and it’s always better than starting later! Go get to work!

This week’s hidden facts of finance

An estimated 2.4 million new homes are needed every single year, while only 1.6 million are being constructed. It sounds like the housing boom is going to continue. You have the urbanization of America going on and a lot of people are moving out of the cities. They are getting away from the pandemic, getting away from high priced apartments, and buying in the suburbs. Couple that with record-low interest rates— the lowest mortgage rates we’ve ever seen so if you haven’t refinanced, you should— and we think the housing boom will continue and it’s going to be a big driver of the economy this year.

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