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Questions To Ask Yourself When It Comes To Risk In Your Portfolio, Ep#30

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What’s up! It’s episode 30 of Payne Points of Wealth! The economy is opening up at warp speed. We literally have had a hundred million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered as of the recording of this podcast. The economic data is looking better and better. We’re seeing a huge rotation in the stock market— that we identified for you months ago.

The world is changing. The world is shifting. The world is opening up. We’re going to talk about how you need to play that in your portfolio and what you need to be thinking about with regards to the economy. We’re also going to cover what risks you may have in your portfolio and what risks you don’t see that you have in your portfolio. We’re also going to point out all the different risks that you need to avoid as the economy reopens and the world becomes a better place.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • What’s wrong with the economy [1:55]
  • The Wall Street consensus [4:03]
  • Inflation hedges [8:01]
  • The Tipping Point [9:45]
  • Are risk tolerance tests a good way to dictate risk in your portfolio? [11:33]
  • More risk, more reward? [14:39]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [19:53]

Is the uptick in inflation temporary?

There’s this big belief on Wall Street that maybe this is just a short-term blip on the radar. Maybe, inflation’s not going to kick in. Maybe, interest rates aren’t going to go higher. If that’s the case, maybe you want to continue to own those tech stocks and bond funds.

But if the economy is going to run hot the second half of the year because the entire world’s going to reopen— and they are sprinkling all of this money on the economy that we’re going to spend— odds are we’re going to see a lot of inflation going into the end of the year. Which speaks to owning old-school stocks and stocks that pay dividends. You know… stocks that benefit the most from the reopening of the economy.

This week on the tipping point: Risk

We get great insight into the psychology of investing and financial planning— given the 2000 families that we help manage their finances— and we think one of the most important components is risk. How do you view risk? What about risk in your portfolio or when it comes to reaching your goals? Unfortunately, most risk is only seen in hindsight.

We want to talk about some of the questions that you need to be asking yourself when it comes to risk in your portfolio to make sure that you’re on your path to financial independence. Believe it or not, of every portfolio ever reviewed or even looked at, 90% of the investors were taking way more risk than necessary to achieve their stated goals.

This week’s hidden facts of finance

As auto executives and investors buzz about the coming age of the electric car, many car dealers say they’re struggling to square that enthusiasm with the actual reality. Last year battery-powered vehicles made up fewer than 2% of all US auto sales. When we watch the nightly news and they tell us that by 2035 everyone will be driving electric cars. Well, only 2% were sold this year. And I’ll tell you who gets it is the Tesla executives. Because as people keep buying Tesla stock, the Tesla executives have been selling stock to the public while they think this is going to be the most amazing event in the next couple of years, why they selling their stock? It’s a very good point. If I’m holding Tesla stock right now, I’d be concerned that the management’s selling.

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