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Are You Positioned For Last Year or is Your Portfolio Thinking Ahead? Ep#31

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It’s episode 31 of Payne Points of Wealth and the great reopening is upon us! If you think it’s not, all you have to do is look at Miami right now. It’s spring break. There are no rules! Everything’s open and people are going crazy. You can almost imagine what the rest of the world is going to look like as we slowly recover and reopen throughout the rest of the year. Again, what the three of us have been talking about week after week is that the economy’s going to boom. It’s going to be red hot! It’s coming.

We’re going to address that on the show today. We’ll also touch on what’s going on with the market and how to invest your money. We’ll bestow upon you some of our thoughts and wisdom about the markets, investing, and financial planning so that you can apply it on your own.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Party in the city where the heat is on…Welcome to Miami [1:21]
  • What does it mean when company executives sell their own stock? [5:54]
  • Value stocks are the new growth stocks [9:20]
  • The Tipping Point [11:45]
  • Mortgages – pay it off or invest instead? [12:20]
  • Individual bonds -vs- bond funds [13:53]
  • Are annuities a rip-off? [17:36]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [21:19]

Value stocks are the new growth stocks

When you have inflation, when interest rates are going up, small does better than big, value does better than growth, and international does better than the US. Unfortunately, the majority of the portfolios we’re reviewing— and we’re reviewing about 50 non-Payne Capital Management clients a month— are all positioned for last year. They’re not built for what’s happening right now.

The irony is growth stocks are not where the growth is going to be. Because these old-school value companies that we talk about are where the opportunity is. An example of this is a company called Bloomin’ Brands, which owns a lot of restaurant chains. Just a good old-fashioned business of restaurant chains. And Americans love to go out to eat! We know that their earnings are going to go up 80% over the next year. This isn’t a technology company. They’re cutting costs dramatically and when you cut a lot of expenses and all of a sudden your demand comes back, profits just go crazy. That’s what the market’s going to start seeking out, new growth that’s operating leverage. It’s not new technology and innovation, that’s already happened.

This week on the tipping point: Our 2¢

Should you always pay off the mortgage as soon as you can?

It may depend on which generation you ask. With home interest rates under 4% and portfolios average 5% or better, it makes more sense to pay the note and invest any additional cash you’re thinking of dropping on additional principal payments. However, to some of you, peace of mind is more valuable.

Are individual bonds better than bond funds?

We hate bond funds so the simple answer here is YES!! Listen to the segment to hear why.

Are annuities a rip-off?

An annuity is a financial product and most of the time it is loaded with heavy fees. You’re basically putting yourself in a position to NOT win because every year you have all these institutions taking money and chipping away at your investment. Sometimes they can be appropriate but proceed with extreme caution and know what the fees are.

This week’s hidden facts of finance

The S&P 500 index has risen by an average of 36% during the nine periods since 1980 when 10-year yields have also moved higher. Kind of like today. Stock prices and bond yields tend to move in tandem because higher yields tend to be a sign of a growing economy. We’re predicting a 6.5% GDP yield by the end of the year, that’s probably happening right now. Higher yields and inflation are actually good for stocks. You don’t want to sit in cash.

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