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From Common Questions to The Right Questions? Ep#39

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HELLO Americans! It’s episode 39 of Payne Points of Wealth and crypto is getting crushed! There’s so much going on right now. Looks like we’re going to have a bonafide labor shortage going into the end of the year. We’ll hit on that great rotation we’re talking about a week after week. Tech is bleeding money. We’re seeing all those work from home stocks get destroyed. But commodity prices are going up. How do you make sense of any of this?

We’re going to give you our playbook today and we’ll discuss exactly how we see the next couple of months playing out. On the tipping point, we’re going to talk about the right questions you need to be asking to make sure you’re going to be on your way to financial independence. What are those questions you should be asking versus the questions you shouldn’t be asking? Well, we’re going to give you our playbook for that too.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Is crypto collapsing? [1:16]
  • The masks are OFF! [3:01]
  • Normalcy on steroids! [5:05]
  • Shortages of labor and supplies [6:43]
  • The Tipping Point [10:19]
  • Question #1 [10:53]
  • Question #2 [14:06]
  • Question #3 [15:49]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [20:21]

And the masks are off…FINALLY!

As we’re recording this, roughly a week ago, the CDC came out and said if you’re vaccinated you don’t have to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. It’s crazy because Chris was in New York a week ago, it was cloudy and rainy, you know that April/May weather. Everyone’s wearing a mask and people looked dour and sad. Then literally within two days the sun was shining and the CDC came out with the big announcement and it was almost like “Pandemic? What pandemic?” It was a complete 180° and it’s wonderful to see!

This week on the tipping point: Asking the right questions

Often one of the biggest mistakes people make is not asking the right questions when it comes to financial planning and trying to get on that path to financial independence. We thought we’d throw out some of the questions people ask and then reposition those questions so you’re asking the right question.

The most asked question is “How much money do I need to save in order to be financially independent?” A better question is “How much income will I need and how much will my savings give me?” In other words, how much income from the investments that your portfolio generates each year is going to help you sustain your lifestyle?

Then we get “Should I get long-term care or just roll the dice?” The better question would be “What are all my options for covering long-term care expenses?” You know, there’s not just one answer, or solution, to this complicated question.

Another is “How can I get the highest possible return on my money?” It’s not about the return on your money as much as the return of your money. So the real question is “How do I make sure my money gets returned to me?”

Things are changing. You’ve got to ask the right questions. Now, more than ever, if you want to be financially independent you’ve got to start being proactive. Start making proactive decisions about your portfolio, reverse engineer to figure out what your goals are, then go back to the drawing board and building that perfect portfolio. That’s going to get you to those goals. If you want to hear our answers to these questions check out the episode!

This week’s hidden facts of finance

Small businesses were hit hardest by the pandemic and are actually responsible for half of all US employment. So small businesses, like ours, employ half of Americans. Of course, this explains why we had the unemployment number go through the roof back in February-March because all of these businesses couldn’t stay open. You had a pandemic, no fault of their own they lost everything. It was the saddest part of the pandemic besides losing lives of course. But here’s the greatest thing about the US economy, our world works on one premise, find a need and fill it. There are going to be enormous needs and all these companies that are gone are going to be replaced by new companies. Because we are the greatest country in the world, the best in entrepreneurs and they’re going to find those needs and they’re going to fill them. Then unemployment’s going to drop like a stone!

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