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Mindless Diversification, Ep #47

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It’s episode 47 of Payne Points of Wealth and it’s rinse, wash, repeat as earnings just keep coming in better and better as of this recording. Tech companies are coming out with earnings this week, and they’re just blowing the doors off estimates. No surprises there. Meanwhile, this new variant of the COVID virus is running rampant around the globe. Is that going to slow economic growth? Is that going to be a problem for the stock market? And Bitcoin is having a revival. Is Bitcoin the currency of the future? Maybe it is now. We’re going to break it all down for you. On the tipping point today, we’re going to talk about mindless diversification. What mindless ways do you diversify your money that is slowing progress to your goals? We’re going to tell you exactly how to diversify your money. We’ve got a great show for you, check it out.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • A bull market waits for no one [1:17]
  • Financial engineering [3:36]
  • Negativity about good news [5:27]
  • Supply & demand [8:31]
  • The Tipping Point [10:55]
  • You don’t want an all or none strategy [13:08]
  • Overlap, a risk hot spot [16:57]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [20:43]

What investing is NOT…

You may think investing is about making money or outperforming. It’s not. It’s about getting that return on investment that you need to achieve to get to your goals. That’s why we created the A to B approach and it’s at point A where you build that foundation of passive income streams that you have to incorporate into your plan. Because you have to make the right decisions. You can make some really bad decisions on the most important income streams of your life, but do you want to?

This week on the tipping point: Mindless Diversification

One of the most critical aspects of anyone’s financial plan is income. Not only do you have to have an income plan, but is your income diversified? As we know from the 2000 or so families that we manage at our firm mindless diversification is mindless. Not only is it mindless but when you have mindless diversification, it’s a minefield.

You may think you have a lot of different investments and that you actually have true diversification. However, as we know Wall Street loves to sell you what’s working the best, in many different forms. You may own a growth fund over here and it has a different name on it than the other growth fund you own over there, but they are all the same. Or owning something like cryptocurrency and growth stocks, a lot of times, because they’re working at the same time when the music stops, they’re probably all going to stop working at the same time as well. And that’s not true diversification.

This week’s hidden facts of finance

The housing market’s fundamentals are strong from the explosion in births around 33 years ago, consumers born then are entering their peak years for starting families and buying homes. The current situation is nothing like the bubble of the 2000s when one person was buying four houses as speculation. There’s a generation that’s bigger and more impactful than the boomers. They’re no longer on the couch in their parents’ basement. They’re buying homes. They’re making big money.

One out of every three new clients that come through our door is a millennial. It’s an ongoing bull market with the biggest generation, since Bob’s favorite, the baby boomers. It also stands in complete contrast to all the videos out there talking about a big real estate crash coming. Based on that supply-demand demographics right now, we’re probably not going to see some sort of housing crash.

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