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There’s No Reward Without Risk, But If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is Ep #48

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What’s up it’s episode 48 of Payne Points of Wealth. and as summer’s rolling along here so is the economic data. We see unemployment down to 5.4% and the economy isn’t even fully reopened yet. It’s a phenomenal number! We have the unemployment benefits dropping off in September, what’s that going to mean for company profits and for the economy? And inflation numbers still looking strong no matter what the government tells you. We’re going to talk about all that today. We’re also talking about the economic data, what you can expect from earnings this year, and what you should be doing with your money! On the tipping point, where we pinpoint the Payne point having the biggest impact on your wealth, we’re going to give you our rules for investing. Rules that you can apply to your portfolio to make sure that you’re on your path to financial independence! Check it out!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • More jobs than workers to fill them! [1:15]
  • Bullishness is cooled off and a bull market doesn’t let you in [3:46]
  • Higher stakes [6:28]
  • The Tipping Point [9:08]
  • The age old, excuse why we don’t want to diversify [14:20]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [19:42]

Time passes. Markets operate. Neither cares how you think.

We recently had a client that had quite a bit of cash accumulated but didn’t want us to invest it because they’d like to have some money on the sidelines in case this market pulls back. We had to explain that they’re getting less than a 1% return in the money market. That they have no idea what’s going to happen in the future. What if it never happens? Were they just going to let it sit on the sidelines forever?

That’s the sentiment of not only our clients but a lot of the investing public. In a big booming bull market, the biggest problem is that it doesn’t let you in. There are so many professional money managers, high net worth investors, and under-invested bears and bulls who are sitting on the sidelines waiting to get the dip that came last March. They’re thinking they’re going to buy stocks when they’re cheap because they missed the opportunity to get in when they should have.

That’s why you always have to have a strategy. Always be fully invested. Always be invested based on your goals because the market doesn’t accommodate. Time passes. Markets operate. Neither cares how you think. And if you’re not in, you are missing out!

This week on the tipping point

When it comes to the finances of the families we advise, we have some definitive rules that we apply to every financial plan that we work on. Let’s discuss one of the top principles that listeners can apply to their own financial planning and investing. That being, when it comes to investing, there’s no reward without risk but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why we have bubbles. People would rather invest in something that’s bubblicious that sounds so good, so sexy, so hot, how could you lose? There’s tremendous risk in SPACs, crypto, and hedge funds!

Anything that can go up big can go down big. Crypto is a great example of that. We’ve seen a wild roller coaster ride in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, it was only a few years ago in 2017 when it went down 82%. And you’d be foolish to think that any asset class that can go up hundreds of percent, can’t go down 80, 90% as well and that it can’t happen several times. The opposite is also true in types of investments where they guarantee a certain return. But the reality is that that return may not keep up with inflation. So you sacrifice longer-term returns for “safety”.

This week’s hidden facts of finance

With nearly 3/4 of US workers fully vaccinated, many companies are trying to get workers back in person. However, based on a recent survey, about 40% of employees say they’ll resign if they have to go back into the office five days a week. I really find it surprising that companies are pushing for people to be back in the office because productivity has gone through the roof. That’s a hidden fact of finance that clients I’ve shared that with are surprised to hear, that productivity actually went up. But think about it. You’re not sitting in traffic waiting to get to the office. You’re not in the airport, flying out to see a client. Eventually, we’re going to do more face-to-face meetings, but I think we have this hybrid workspace going on forever.

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