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Do You Have A Mystery Investments Advisor? Ep#54

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It’s episode 54 of Payne Points of Wealth and the FED finally admitted it! Inflation is not as transitory as they initially thought—as we’ve been telling on this podcast, week after week. Interest rates moved 20% last week and we’re starting to see the bond market move…in the wrong direction! Supply chains around America are a mess right now! You can’t hire enough truckers. You can’t hire enough people to work at the ports. We’re seeing a domino effect and huge delays on all products and services as they move slowly across the country. What does this mean for you? What does this mean for your portfolio? We’re going to give you our view of exactly what’s happening in the economy right now and what you need to be doing strategically. Money’s moving out of tech stocks and into those old-school cyclical stocks that we love. In addition to that on the Tipping Point today, we’re going to talk about your financial advisor. Are they really, really nice, but they don’t give you good advice? We’re going to tell you exactly how to handle that.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Supply chain problems causing trouble [1:32]
  • Not just inflation on products [4:41]
  • Shifting dynamics [7:49]
  • The Tipping Point [10:54]
  • Not having a full picture [13:02]
  • Breaking things down so it’s understandable to you [15:41]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [21:37]

What’s wreaking havoc on the economy but not the market?

Companies can’t find enough workers, even if the ports were open 24/7, there’s not enough people to man them, there are ships sitting for weeks waiting to unload their cargo. When one part of the supply chain gets messed up, maybe a truck doesn’t show up for a shipment on time, it just affects everything! It’s just wreaking havoc on the entire economy right now. Inventory is running low, semiconductors are backlogged, steel and lumber are going up like crazy. People are building everywhere. Who knows what people will fill these homes with, maybe beach chairs and sleeping bags because you can’t get any furniture or appliances.

With all of this going on, the market doesn’t seem to care because here’s the thing about the market… the market looks forward! All of this is priced in already. We are getting a little bit of corrective action, but that’s primarily because the FED didn’t say transitory last week, which means they are starting to believe—like we’ve been telling you—that inflation is going up. So interest rates are going up and hopefully, all of you listened because those bond funds are dropping like rocks! You have to get into fixed income, not bond funds.

This week on the tipping point: Nice advisors with bad service

Do you have a nice advisor who isn’t doing such a nice job? People are hesitant to make a switch for a variety of reasons. It seems easier to stay with someone because you have already made a time investment there, or they have handled so-and-so’s finance for years so they must be doing something right, or you’ve already moved from one bad advisor to this new bad advisor and it just seems like they are all the same so why bother.

We are here to tell you there are good advisors!

Good advisors are going to break things down into a simple way for you to understand it. Everything we’re doing here is not rocket science, if it feels like rocket science, you’ve got a problem. Not only should you be able to understand what’s in your portfolio, you should also understand how it relates to you and the goals that you’re trying to achieve. Don’t go with an advisor where you get mystery investments. Check out the segment for more on what a good advisor looks like!

This week’s hidden facts of finance

There are 13 US corporate tax hikes on record going back to 1925, and in the ensuing 12 months, the S&P rose 9 times averaging 11.1%. On the personal income side, Congress has hiked the top bracket 14 times and the S&P rose in the next 12 months after 10 of them averaging a whopping 16.8%. Sounds like raising taxes is actually good for the market. Who would have thought?

One of the biggest fears that clients have right now is that a tax hike is going to have a negative impact on the market but based on these statistics it sounds like that’s probably not going to be the reality. I think the bottom line is a bull market is going to be a bull market, regardless of short-term moves and taxes. As we’ve said, we know money’s got to go somewhere, better be bullish than to be foolish!

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