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Is Your Advisor Addressing Your Unique Financial Variables? Ep#59

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What’s up? It’s episode 59 of Payne Points of Wealth and supply chains around the world are easing up. COVID cases globally are going down and profits are at an all-time record high as stock markets around the world are hitting all-time record highs. The question is, is it all going to fall off a cliff? Is this all too good to be true or is the economy going to continue chugging along? We’ll look at some long-term tailwinds that could keep this economy moving into the roaring twenties along with your financial independence plan. We’re also going to talk about those specific variables that you need to address in your financial life to make sure you’re financially sound. You don’t want to miss it.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • A rockin’ market! [1:11]
  • Everybody is doing well [3:36]
  • Tailwinds for the economy [6:43]
  • Don’t confuse brains in a bull market [9:03]
  • The Tipping Point [11:07]
  • Having a tax-efficient portfolio [13:21]
  • How long do you expect to live? [16:11]
  • How lucky do you feel? [18:19]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [21:23]

Economic tailwinds

There’s all this talk about how we’re going to have a big burst of spending coming out of the pandemic and then it’s just going to cool off again. Well, millennials are 25% of the population and are essentially going into their peak spending and earning years. Historically, the ages 45-55 tend to be when you spend the most money. You have household formation, kids, and more big-ticket items that you’re buying. With the largest cohort of any population in America going right into that, it’s like the baby boomers back in the 80s’, it’s going to lead to a lot of spending. Then you have this huge infrastructure bill coming down the line and when that passes that will be even more spending. Top all that off with the massive amount of inventories businesses are trying to build back up…doesn’t sound like a slowdown is anywhere in the near future.

This week on the tipping point: Customizable variables

When it comes to building financial plans for the families we manage here at PCM everyone’s situation is a little bit different. So in this episode, we discussed some of the variables you need to customize for your unique plan.

When it comes to financial planning and your portfolio, sometimes we become more enamored with the value of the portfolio. Especially with our 360 portal where you can see how much you’re worth. It’s kind of fun as the market goes up to check and see how you did each day, week, or month—but it’s not just about appreciation—you’ve got to have the income.

How much does your principal generate in income after taxes and inflation? It’s so important to sit down with your advisor every year and look at what’s important to you. What are your variables? What do you want to accomplish this year? Do you want to take a big trip? Do you want to give money to your grandchildren’s education plans? Backing into those numbers is the most important thing to figure out how much income you’re gonna need. Listen to the episode to find out which variables you should address.

This week’s hidden facts of finance

In the most recent quarter, Spain added 5.6 percentage points to its headline growth. French household spending jumped a whopping 21.5% annualized contributing to 10.5 percentage points to their growth rate. In fact, third-quarter growth results for the entire Eurozone outpaced the good old USA, well maybe not outpace as much as they’re finally catching up because they’re now playing out of the same playbook. They realize they’ve got to open their economies. It’s not the end of the world. Spain, France, England, Germany, are all full of ordinary people, just like our country, and they want to get out and spend again. They want to live life! Europe is booming. The global economy is booming. We’re seeing stocks go up all over the world so make sure you don’t have all your money just in the S&P 500 because there are plenty of opportunities outside the US. Go global!

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