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The Surprises Always Come In The Positive Ep #93

By August 17, 2022August 30th, 2022No Comments

What’s up! This is episode 93 of Payne Points of Wealth and we’ve heard a lot about recession, but it seems like the economy is more resilient—probably the correct R word to be using right now—as we’ve seen a labor market that is the hottest it’s been in 50 years. We’ve never seen a recession when unemployment was going down and that’s what we are seeing today, employment going down. We’re seeing inflation numbers come down, as we’ve told you they would. So what does it mean for the rest of the year? Are we going to get this recession? Are we still in an economic boom? What do you make of it? On the Tipping Point, we’re going to talk about how your financial independence plan is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. We’re going to help you frame it, visualize it, and show you how to get financially independent as soon as possible. Check it out!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • The surprises always come in the positive [2:42]
  • This time next year [6:06]
  • History teaches us everything [9:01]
  • The Tipping Point [12:26]
  • Begin with the end in mind [13:50]
  • Not good or bad…just appropriate [17:11]
  • Hidden Facts of Finance [21:06]

The Market is always right!

Companies are profitable, 77% of companies reported better than expected profits. Even though we had a negative GDP number, we have an economy that’s growing, slowing, but still growing. Inflation is still raging, but we had two good inflation numbers this week that brought inflation down from last month’s readings. Maybe we have peak inflation. Maybe we have peak hawkishness on the part of the Federal Reserve and it’s time to start thinking about all the positive news that’s going to be coming out going forward.

That’s where markets trade, right? It’s that gap between what the expectations are and what reality ends up being. That’s what we saw this last week, expectations that inflation was going to be higher. Now, reality tells you that it’s not as bad as you think. It is starting to slow. The 10-year treasury, as we’re recording this, is only around 2.8%. That’s not pricing in 8% inflation going out into the future. The market’s always forward-looking. The market’s always right. If the market’s going up, the market’s telling you that inflation is coming down, it’s moderating, and the economy is probably stronger than what we’ve been hearing.

This week on the tipping point: Financial jigsaw puzzle

We look at probably 50 portfolios a month so we know what all the strategies out there on Wall Street look like and we’ve found that most of you don’t really have a financial independence plan. We want to talk about how having a jigsaw puzzle is comparable to building the right financial independence plan. You can create financial security, eventually, live off your assets, and depend on what you’ve saved over the years.

If somebody throws away the cover of the box, you have no idea what that picture is supposed to look like, and trying to put those pieces together is near impossible. Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of people do their financial planning. We think the reason a lot of people avoid putting together a financial plan is that they have a collection of investments, accounts every which way, and they just don’t know how to go about it. It can be pretty overwhelming for people.

That’s why you need to have the cover of the box (a plan), to get a view of what you’re doing. We need to begin with the end in mind. How much money are you going to need to live on? Just going through that whole exercise is so therapeutic and it puts everything into focus.

This week’s hidden facts of finance

  • It’s hard to overstate the importance of Taiwan to the US and the global tech landscape. Most of the advanced chips required from military defense systems and corporate computing services are made in Taiwan. Taiwan accounts for more than 90% of the world’s most advanced chip manufacturing to put that in perspective South Korea is number two with just 8%.
  • Cell phones are making their way into younger hands. Last year, 43% of 8 to 12-year-olds had their own handsets. That’s up from 24% in 2015.
  • Do you remember the $6 million man? Well the $6 million dollar man toy from 1977, because of inflation today, would be called the $24 million man.
  • Monaco has been crowned the most expensive city in the world to buy property. A million dollars only buys you 157 square feet of prime property. That’s expensive!

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