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The Mindset of the Millennial Investor

By January 7, 2021No Comments
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PCM CEO Ryan Payne Is Not Only Building Relationships, He’s Giving Millennials a Path Forward

Millennials are the fastest-growing addition to the investment market. For NYC Millennials wondering how to find a financial advisor in New York, or what to do once you find one, Payne Capital Management CEO Ryan Payne offers some words of wisdom.

financial advisor new york

Millennials will feel right at home at PCM. Ryan is a Gen X / Millennial cusper himself and, “most of our financial advisors in New York are Millennials,” he shares.

In a business stereotypically made up of older men, that is exceedingly rare. “You’re dealing with a group of people here who’s going to have a better understanding of your issues,” Ryan says, “someone who probably has a lot in common with you. We’re a bit more modern than a financial firm filled with ships on the wall in their conference room.  Many of our advisors are in their late twenties and early thirties, and they’re mostly women. Your average firm is mostly men, mostly older.”

And don’t worry: you get the experience of the old-school professionals, too. PCM is a family business that Ryan and his dad Bob founded. Between them, they bring nearly five decades of experience in financial planning.

Financial Planning for New York Millennials Done Differently

When you work with a certified financial planner at PCM, you get a portfolio strategy that is uniquely geared around you and your financial goals. Most firms have their eyes strictly on the numbers, but PCM orients their entire strategy around planning to suit your goals.

Early retirement, putting kids through college, paying off a house, or living that FU money lifestyle: this is financial planning in New York that focuses on the plan first, investments second. 

“You want an advisor whose going to say, ‘Hey, let’s make a plan first and build everything around that,” says Ryan, “not one who’s all about, ‘Hey, let’s go out and buy some investments.’”

Financial Planning Is a Continuing Conversation

Connection and conversation are at the heart of successful financial planning, so be sure to work with a financial planner you like and trust.

“We do a lot of homework in terms of thinking about the best strategies to put in place for our clients,” says Ryan. “All our advisors talk to their clients on a regular basis, and they’re very proactive in this planning-based approach. We’re entrepreneurial. We’re doing some interesting things in the industry, and we’re always excited to share our discoveries to benefit clients’ lives.”