As we move along in life, we should treat our investments just like we do our bodies. We need to have the occasional check-up to see if any changes are needed to improve the health of our portfolio. In this episode, we discuss the investments that could use your attention and what changes could benefit you the most.

Here’s the full rundown for this episode:

[0:32]Setting the stage for this episode

[1:41]Why you shouldn’t ignore your old 401K and what options you have for moving it.

[3:33]Low-cost options for moving your 401K

[5:02]Old insurance policies you’ve had for a while

[10:07]Places where bad advice can come from. Beware!


[19:43] – Listener inherited a large portfolio of stocks. Would she be smart to hang on to those or look to move the investments?

[22:50] – Listener curious about downside risk in the market and whether there are areas he can move to cash.