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FBN:Market Alert


Courtney Dominguez discusses the current state of the market.

CNBC: Market sell-off is something your 401(k) should take advantage of


Courtney Dominguez discusses how they're advising their retirement planning clients amid the market sell-off.

CNBC: Rising rates upside or downside risk to markets? Experts debate


Ryan Payne discusses the possible market and economic effects of rising interest rates

Fox Business: Small Business Optimism Soars


Michelle McKinnon on the state of the markets and the rise in small business optimism

Fox Business: Trade Negotionas


Courtney Dominguez on the state and possible effect of the tariffs

Making Money with Charles Payne: Trump new trade deal with Canada boosts markets


Michelle McKinnon discusses the impact President Trump new trade deal will have on the economy and investors.

Varney & Co: US stocks trade higher despite the turmoil in Washington


Michelle McKinnon discusses why the stock market has lifted despite concerns in Washington

Cavuto Coast to Coast: How political uncertainty overshadows the dangers of a trade


Michelle McKinnon discuss the potential fallout from political uncertainty and trade turmoil on the U.S. economy

Cavuto Coast to Coast: How a trade war poses a threat to China’s economy


Ryan Payne on potential fallout from trade friction with China.

Talking Money: US economy is on fire as positive data continues to pour in


Michelle McKinnon discuss why the U.S. economy is booming

Cavuto Coast to Coast: Apple can avoid tariffs by shifting production to US


Michelle McKinnon on the Trump administration's trade negotiations with China and concerns about turmoil within the White House.

Fox Business: Concerns over impact of Trump's rhetoric on trade talks


Michelle McKinnon with the latest on the U.S. trade negotiations with Canada

Making Money: Would a US-Canada trade deal boost the markets?


Michelle McKinnon discusses how the markets would react if Canada reached a trade deal with the U.S.


Markets Watch: Ryan Payne on the State of the Market


Ryan Payne Payne Capital Management president discusses the state of equities and the domestic economy, as well as what they see for the rest of the year.

Ryan Payne joins Maria Bartiromo to talk GDP Growth


Ryan Payne had a chance to join the discussion on Maria Bartiromo's Wall Street about GDP growth.

CNBC: The impact on consumers if the tariffs continue


Payne Capital Management Senior Wealth Adviser Michelle McKinnon on the economic impact from mounting trade tensions.

FOX BUSINESS:Cavuto Coast to Coast


Ryan Payne discusses the Stock Market on CAVUTO Coast to Coast

CNBC: Michelle Returns to Cavuto Coast to Coast


Michelle McKinnon joins the round table to talk the market with Neil Cavuto.

CNBC's Squawk Box: Tariffs take toll on markets


Ryan Payne Capital Management president, provides his outlook on the markets and where he is seeing investment opportunities.

Market is getting it 'wrong' about tech stocks, says pro. Here's why


Ryan Payne Payne Capital Management president provides insight to what is driving stocks to new levels.