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June 13, 2018
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June 27, 2018

How To Launch Your Business | Jean Kristensen, MWBE Success

“We (females) are opening more businesses than our male counterparts, but we’re not growing them as fast. There’s many advantages to being a female business owner, but we all need to support one another.” – Jean Kristensen

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This week we revisit a popular episode from earlier this season where we spoke with Jean Kristensen on how to launch a business.

From clothing companies to financial management services, lifestyle brands to creative agencies, the spirit of entrepreneurship is everywhere in the Big Apple. If you don’t have your own LLC, then you can bet the person standing next to you on the subway does.

But there’s a difference between having your own business and being a successful entrepreneur. The entrepreneur invites the daunting questions: How do I raise capital? Whose advice do I listen to? Where should I spend my time networking? And in New York City, it turns out that a wealth of resources and knowledge awaits at City Hall.

Today, on the $mart Women Invest podcast, we are joined by Jean Kristensen. Jean has a management consultancy firm that helps minorities and women connect to opportunities through MWBE certification, acquisition of government contracts, and innovative business strategy. Through doing this type of work, Jean has developed a uniquely insightful lens on entrepreneurship and what it takes to launch a successful business in New York City.

Tune in to hear Jean’s story and join the conversation around empowering us women to own our careers. And don’t forget you can listen to $mart Women on iTunes and Stitcher!

“There’s a mystery with government contracts. It’s like jumping into the ocean. If you don’t know how to swim or where you’re going, you’ll drown.” – Jean Kristensen

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • MWBE certification is for Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises
    • Certification requires business is owned and controlled by a woman
    • 5,000 have been certified; the mayor’s goal is 9,000
  • The Mayor’s program OneNYC wants to award 30% of all government contracts to MWBE businesses, and give $16 billion in funding by 2025
  • Unlike the private sector, the information with the government is fully transparent
  • Entrepreneurs want to be great at everything and control the whole process
    • Seeking out financial experts is necessary
  • Finding your tribe requires putting thought into which networking events are worth your time
  • Put stakes into your networking events by exchanging email lists and giving referrals to each other
  • When navigating government agencies for contracts, view them as a potential purchaser of your goods and services

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