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Partying with PCM



 By Ryan Payne, President

December 8 marked the happy renewal of an annual Payne Capital Management (PCM) tradition – the company holiday party. Every year since 2010, this celebration has gathered more than 100 clients along with the entire PCM staff for a fun night of food, drinks, music and mingling.

“It’s a great time to see many of the clients who have been working with me in some capacity for almost 15 years,” related Ryan Payne, PCM President. “The party is really a celebration of that bond. It’s almost as if no time has passed, since the people I’ve worked with all these years are not just clients, but great personal friends. That long-term personal connection still makes the business fun after a decade-and-a-half.”

Hosted at the beautiful Manor House at Prophecy Creek in suburban Philadelphia, the holiday party also provides a golden opportunity for other members of the PCM team to interact with clients in a festive atmosphere.

“Working in Operations, I know many clients by their voice on the phone and their accounts,” said Frankie Lagrotteria. “But meeting and mingling with everyone at the holiday party enabled me to put a face and personality with the name. Additionally, it was nice to find some common ground other than investments and finance! PCM is a family-owned firm, and events like this invite everyone into the family.”

“Building a personal relationship with our clients can be just as important as a financial relationship,” added Courtney Dominguez, Financial Advisor. “The holiday party allows us to relax outside of the work setting and get to know our clients on a deeper and more personal level.

It also offers a chance for everyone to take a break during a busy time of the year and just have some fun together!”