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Do you have a financial master plan?

The client-centered approach at Payne Capital Management (PCM) can be encapsulated in these words: Your Personalized Path to Financial Freedom. Our focus is to create a Financial Master Plan for you, by emphasizing all the financial issues that can impact you. This plan is based on four fundamental foundations supporting a scope far broader than just your investments:

Income Generation

Will you outlive your money or will your money outlive you? At the end of the day, this is what investors tend to think most about. If you retire, with your social security, portfolio, rental income, and annuities, will you have enough money to keep up with inflation and the cost of living?

Tax Optimization

Do you have a tax preparer or a tax planner? Taxes certainly have their purpose, but nobody wants to pay unnecessary taxes. So do you have a tax-efficient portfolio? How do you prepare your return? Are you taking advantage of all your deductions and structuring your charitable contributions properly?

Estate Planning

Is your estate planning an IOU to the IRS? Are your assets titled properly? Do you have the appropriate wills and trusts, with correct beneficiary specifics? If these are not filed or prepared properly, not updated or adapted to changing state residencies, then your money could be at risk.

Asset Protection

PCM is the architect that designs & orchestrates your Financial Master Plan. Will your family be protected if something happens to you? At Payne Capital Management, we focus on all four foundations, which collectively support a well-built structure. When we meet with you as a potential client, we want our team to analyze your portfolio, an estate lawyer to review your legacy plan, and an accountant to evaluate your tax return. In essence, we provide integrated financial planning for assets both within and outside of PCM. You can think of us as the architect that coordinates your financial master plan.

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