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Proud PCM Presence at Female-Focused Financial Summit




 By Ryan Payne, President

Last month, prominent financial publication Barron’s launched its premiere “Top Independent Women Advisors Summit” in New Orleans (www.barrons-indywomen.com) and the Payne Capital Management (PCM) team came out in force. PCM financial advisors Jennifer Angell, Courtney Dominguez and Michelle McKinnon, as well as financial advisor trainee Francesca Lagrotteria, all soaked in the knowledge in the “Big Easy” from May 18-20 and returned with rave reviews.

“We were able to hear female leaders in the industry speak, which gave us great insight and ideas to bring back to Payne Capital,” related Angell. “Women actually have more wealth than men in this country and we were reminded how important the female financial perspective is.”

Dominguez added, “The event featured overarching business-enhancing discussion such as, enhancing the client-advisor relationship, building your team and brand, and the benefits of female leadership. Having such a strong female advisor presence is something that distinguishes PCM from the rest of the industry. This conference allowed us to confer with other female advisors across the country and build on those discussions to ensure we’re always improving our practices and the client experience.”

Lagrotteria also came away impressed by the summit. “Being at a conference packed with successful female advisors, it became obvious the tide has changed and women are no longer a niche in the financial world,” she noted.

“One lecture focused on how women often do not delegate, which holds us back from further success since we get bogged down with minor tasks,” added McKinnon. “It’s so critical to release control of certain jobs so we can focus on more important tasks like bringing in business.”

Did attending the conference with coworkers enhance the experience?

“Being there with the ‘ladies who bring the Payne’ made the summit not only more fun, but also more practical,” related Lagrotteria. “After each lecture, we’d circle up to discuss what we learned and how we could gear it towards Payne Capital.”

How about the legendary New Orleans restaurant and bar scene?

“It didn’t hurt that the conference was right in the French Quarter!” added Angell. “So of course, we carved out some time to eat some delicious local cuisine.”

“The New Orleans food such as gumbo and beignets at Café Du Monde was incredible!” agreed Dominguez.

“Work hard, play hard has always been the PCM model,” concluded Lagrotteria. “So after meetings we explored ‘NOLA,’ enjoying the warm weather, live music, and maybe a few hurricanes too.”

If you look at the big correction in the early 2000s when the tech bubble burst, commodities and bonds actually both did really well and value stocks also held up. So the point is you need to know how diversified your portfolio is and the extent of your downside risk. As far as an ebbing tide lowering all boats, that’s exactly what will happen if those boats are all in the same sea. But if you have money spread out, or different crops, or boats in different seas, you can mitigate that risk when certain asset classes go in and out of favor.




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