It’s never been easier to get information but that’s not always a good thing. With so many sources to filter out, you’re bound to find financial information that’s misleading, only a half-truth, or completely inaccurate altogether. Today we’re going to bust the most commonly-held retirement myths.

[spp-player url=”″] We’re all very fortunate to live in an era where anything you imagine can be researched right from a device in the palm of your hand. This access provides us many benefits, but it can also be a detriment if we aren’t carefully checking our sources.


When you’re talking about retirement, believing everything you see and hear can be even more damaging because it affects your financial health. The scary thing is many of the myths that are out there are so widely believed that you might not think twice about the information.

On this episode of No Payne, No Gain, Ryan and Bob will become retirement mythbusters and set the record straight on some important financial beliefs. They’ll also bring on another family member, Chris Payne, for this week’s spotlight segment.

Retirement Myths

The idea is fairly simple. We want to take a look at the most widely believed financial myths and try to bust them wide open. The scary thing is that a lot of people base their financial plans on some of these myths. We don’t want you to be one of those investors so we’ll run through ideas on risk, retirement income, taxes, and financial planning.

0:32 – There are plenty of financial falsehoods out there. Let’s start with the idea that shifting money into the bond market will definitely reduce risk.
2:14 – Another is myth is thinking you’ll need less income when you retire.
4:14 – The most critical analysis we do is the income analysis and here’s why.
5:32 – A lot of us think we’ll automatically be in a lower tax bracket in retirement but that’s not true.
6:54 – With all the technology and info available, people might think planning can be easy to do on your own.


Spotlight Segment

Today we bring on Financial Advisor Chris Payne to spotlight a recent client case he worked on. This one involves identifying how much risk someone wants to take on and then adjusting their plan to manage the volatility. Not only was he able to reduce the risk in this client’s portfolio, but he was also able to increase cash flow by more than $100,000 each year. Find out how the process played out and how we could help you with your retirement planning.

8:33 – Spotlight Segment: Financial Advisor Chris Payne joins the show.
9:18 – Chris shares the case he worked on recently where the client wanted to change their risk exposure.
13:22 – Not only did we reduce risk but also increased cash flow by over $100K each year.

“We know from our clients you’re probably not going to spend less. Most of our retired clients are spending at least 100 percent of their income. You need to be planning for that. Let’s face it, retirement is fun.”

– No Payne No Gain Podcast

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