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Scaling the Summit



 By Ryan Payne, President

On the first Saturday in November, the Payne Capital Management (PCM) team ventured on a bonding excursion to the beautiful Hudson River Valley. President and Chief Investment Officer Ryan Payne drove everybody in a van from PCM headquarters in Manhattan, stopping in Rhinebeck, N.Y. for brunch. The crew then hiked 2.5 miles to the A summit of Overlook Mountain before ending the day with dinner at Cucina in Woodstock, N.Y.

“The view from the top of Overlook was spectacular,” said Ryan. “It was cool to hike uphill with my team and view the Hudson Valley from such an amazing vantage point. I think the trip was a testament to the culture we have at PCM. The fact that everyone wanted to spend their Saturday together upstate speaks volumes about the relationships we have. Furthermore, it was nice to speak on a personal level with my team members.”

The team members agreed, universally commenting that the trip was a great adventure and bonding experience.

“I learned more about my colleagues that day than over the course of this entire year,” related Financial Advisor Scott Cowan. “Each of us has a truly unique personality, and it’s great to experience the difference outside of our work environment. I believe getting to know each other better in this way will translate very well to our relationships back in the office. I also appreciated everyone’s encouragement as they tried to get me up the mountain. I won’t forget the support from my teammates!”

“The trip allowed us to spend time together in a non-work environment, where we could decompress and hang out as friends, not just coworkers,” added Financial Advisor Michelle McKinnon.

“We build this type of rapport with our clients, so why not with our coworkers too?” concurred Financial Advisor Chris Payne.