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January 31, 2018
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Saving Cents | Shang Saavedra

“My mission is to make money less of a taboo subject and change as many lives as I can.” –  Shang Saavedra

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We make money to spend money.

Or at least that’s what we feel on payday. Once the paycheck hits our Chase mobile app, we feel lifted to have a good time. We spend more freely in the days that follow, and if we’re not careful we become trapped in this treadmill. To get out requires taking a serious step toward saving money, and the first thing we can do is reframe the concept in our heads.

That is why today, on the $mart Women Invest podcast, we are joined by Shang Saavedra, Founder of savemycents.com. As a full-time consultant, Shang launched this passion project as a way to educate others on the different ways we can save money. In this interview, we hear her insights on everything budget-related, from how to start your own business with a full-time job to what grocery stores to shop at when eating on a budget. Tune in to hear from a savings expert!

“It’s about changing the tiny behaviors you’re not even aware of week-to-week that can lead to significant savings over a lifetime.” –  Shang Saavedra

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Prioritize paying off your credit card debt. The higher the interest rate the higher the priority.
  • Combat the tendency our society has to treat talking about money as taboo.
  • When trying to cut your discretionary spending, look at how much you’re spending on food.
    • Use Trader Joe’s over Whole Foods to try to get under $5 per person.
  • People are less aware of their annual bills (like car registration or insurance.)
  • People overspend on travel by getting an initially good deal on airfare and treating it as sunk cost.
  • Take a hard look at your living situation to find ways to lessen costs.
  • Integrate The No Spend Challenge to wake yourself up to your habits and impulse buys.
    • Discretionary buys: coffee, movie tickets, a piece of clothing you don’t need.
  • Buy clothing secondhand to get significant discounts.

Guest Contact

Website: Save My Cents

Instagram: @savemycents

LinkedIn: Shang Saavedra

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