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November 28, 2018
Mind On My Money | Leanna Haakons
December 12, 2018

Tax to the Max

“Your HSAs do roll forward, but your FSAs do not.” – $mart Women Invest

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The end of the year is approaching.

As we plan our parties and festivities for this holiday season, we are putting that final stamp on the spending in 2018. Come April, we will look at these expenses, our pay stubs, and our investments, and pay the necessary taxes on them.

That’s why on today’s $mart Women Invest podcast, we are discussing the ins and outs of taxes. Whether it’s knowing the difference between an HSA and FSA or the deadline on filing a SEP IRA—understanding these nooks and crannies helps make tax season that much easier.

Tune in to today’s episode so you can save money this tax season!

“If you live in New York City, if you live in California—you’re probably going to have to pay more in taxes.” – $mart Women Invest

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • April is too late to your change your spending to affect your taxes.
  • New laws have wider tax brackets and higher deductions.
  • If you have children, look into the child tax credit.
  • Make sure to itemize your medical expenses.
  • You can file for SEP IRAs after your tax deadlines.
  • Make sure you spend the majority of your FSA (it does not roll forward)
  • The funds inside HSAs roll over to the next yea
  • Networking is the way to get new jobs now

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