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The Market Disconnect, Retirement Myths, Taxes and More Taxes, Ep #2

The stock market continues to rise in spite of the dire predictions we’re hearing from analysts and pundits. What’s that all about? As you might expect, we’ve got some ideas about what is going on and you may be surprised to hear that we tend to think the market is right and the pundits are wrong.

Listen to hear why we think so and what we believe is going to happen with Big Tech companies. And… in our “Tipping Point” segment we address one of the biggest issues we see coming through our planning practice: Retirement Planning and the MYTHS that fuel mistakes. Don’t miss it!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…


  • The disconnect between the market and the economy [0:33]
  • The big tech bubble and why it can’t last [5:47]


  • Five questions you must answer when building your financial plan [8:57]
  • Taxes are a huge issue to consider as well [14:29]


  • The five largest companies in the index make up 23% of the entire index [18:10]
  • Is buy and hold stock investing dead? [19:08]
  • Is gold and silver overpriced? [20:29]

As the market continues to skyrocket, many pundits are scratching their heads

As Chris points out, sometimes it feels like there would be no news if there wasn’t bad news. But that statement is NOT taking into account this fact, which is not being talked about: 84% of companies have beat analyst expectations by 22%. That’s the story of this market – everyone has been negative about the economic outlook and meanwhile the market continues to prove them dead wrong. One example from this episode:

A double-dip recovery pattern was predicted. It hasn’t happened. Instead, we’ve experienced a a “V-shaped” recovery of consistent growth. How can Wall Street get it so wrong? There are many reasons for such misguided notions, and it’s what we address on this episode.

Is the market missing something? Nope. It’s investors who are missing out

We keep hearing that the market is missing something, but it’s not. The market is doing what the market is supposed to do. It’s looking toward the future and has been very accurate so far. It’s Investors who are missing out on great opportunities provided by the current market.

Why? Because they are worried. This whole COVID thing has everybody concerned that the market is unstable and that investing is risky right now. Pile on top of that an upcoming election and you can understand why Investors are leary. But here’s the thing, worry isn’t a good strategy. Holding onto your cash isn’t either. There are many places to put your money that will include income with growth — and I’m not talking about big tech companies.

Join us for this episode. You’ll hear our opinions about how to take advantage of the market conditions we’re experiencing right now.

The 80% retirement income myth is hurting lots of people

You’ve likely heard it said that you can plan on needing about 80% of what you currently spend each month to support your retirement years. From years of running a financial planning firm we can tell you that is simply not true. When you have more time on your hands, which you do during retirement, you tend to spend more money. The fact is that you’re going to need MORE money to live on during retirement, not less.

Let’s look at a handful of the reasons we can say that so confidently.

  1. The average life expectancy is going up – that means you may have more years to fund with your retirement savings
  2. Health care costs are going up and retirees tend to spend more on healthcare
  3. And there’s the reality of taxes. You can count on about 30% of your portfolio going to taxes in the end. OUCH!
  4. The cost of living will double every 20 years, so that’s a problem when you base what you need in the future on what you’re making now.

So the question you need to answer is this: “Where is that amount of income going to come from?” Said another way, “How do you make decisions about what goes into and what goes out of your portfolio?” Listen to hear how we suggest you figure out how you’re going to fill the income gap.

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