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Emily Mulvany De Valente


Emily Mulvany De Valente is the head of the Payne Capital Management (PCM) City Service Team along with running operations and proposals for the Firm. She helps PCM clients create a long term financial plan along with building a goal based investment strategy to help them achieve their dreams & goals.

“One of the things I first loved about PCM was the young and vibrant feel,” relates Emily. “It’s so different from any other firms I had been to before. I also loved from the beginning how closely I’ve been able to work with the advisors here. They are amazing and I’ve already learned so much so quickly from them.”

Emily grew up in Ardmore, PA, outside Philadelphia and then studied business management at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, NY. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and has visited many European countries including Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, and Ireland. Emily also likes to spend time with her friends and family at home.